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Jan 22, 2013 4:00pm PST
. >> that is probably what john and jim were like. you snow when they're little kismdz a zpaerj newborn he says his daughter is kapernicking. it looks like she's chewing on her finger. >> best friends showed off their pose last week in the game. >> you can send your fan photos to us i will be there along with mike shuman with crews and reporters. live reports will be super bowl week. it's going to be fun. >> it's exciting. >> yes. >> for those of us at home we're looking forward to nice weather. >> yes. it's going to be innice inside here and inside of the super dome. >> yes. >> here is a live view from our camera. looking down towards ocean beach, skies have suddenly become cloudy in advance of what is expected to be light rain or showers. this will not be a major rainfall event. to some people this, is called gloomy. still, preparing to move throughout the bay area skies. now, temperatures into upper 50s to around 60, 61 degrees, redwood city, 59. 60s in santa rosa. these are the forecast features, mostly cloudy skies overnight, rain arriving tomorrow, will be slow to arrive into afternoon hours
Jan 21, 2013 4:00pm PST
john talking about the tape across the room story. if you haven't heard it, thes were little kids bickering with one another, they got out tape and went down right in the middle of the bedroom, and this is my side, that is your side. you stay on your side and they get back to fighting again. >> yes. i'm going to step on your side of the room. you know? that is the way they are that. is the harbaugh brother autos the coach was back in santa claire area thanks fans"5ktz) support. >> fans90a are thanking him skprkt team, as well. we are live in santa clara with the story. sergio? >> well, the coach said he doesn't want to talk a lot about this match up against his big brother but he did end up having to because we asked to many questions about it. he says despite family ties he's hoping for a big win for the super bowl.qfx 49er red is the color of the day. customers were snatching their gear, and savoring this trip. the last time the 49ers brought home a trophy was 18 years ago. fans are coach are more than ready for another one to be added to the collection. >> just win, baby. just
Jan 16, 2013 4:00pm PST
to relieve my cold symptoms without raising my blood pressure. coricidin hbp. >>> elton john has a new baby and mark wahlberg's role on camera in "broken city" is not his favorite part in the movie. >> back to the big screen in the crime thriller "broken city". mark plays an excop out for redemption. he told us he had a blast going head to head with russell crow but his true love was the role behind the camera. >> becoming a producer i think was the greatest thaing ever happened to me. now, i'm in control of my own destiny whether making good or bad decisions and i just love it. i also love creating opportunities for other people. >> broken city opens on friday. gay and lesbian alliance against did he familiaration are nominating for outstanding comedy. the glad media awards will be held in new york, l.a. and san francisco, beginning in march. elton john and husband, davidgĂ· furnish have a new baby boy. otrc obtained a copy of the birth certificate. the couple says they're quotee't happiness skpechl sitement. elton throws one of the best oscar parties check out to make your picks
Jan 15, 2013 4:00pm PST
back up? john scully has ideas and tells bloomberg tv apple needs to overhaul it's supply chain to focus on a merging market. >> so much of the success has been in develop markets like us us and europe. they're getting saturated at high ends. and now price points are going to be different. >> chilly says he has confidence in tim cook calling him the right leader for apple. and ali ba. ba group founder says he's stepping down in may. he will remain as chairman. in a memo says he wants to turn over the company to the next generation of young leaders. the move is fueling speculation at alibaba may be planning an ipo. stocks ended day mixes an investors remain concerned about debt ceiling discussions. your bloomberg silicon valley closed lower, apple, and hewlett-packard some drag there's. >> and the last time bloomberg west visited with ross levinson he took us for a spin in los angeles there he is in los angeles.p%ypy now, he's just been hired as ceo of gugen him digital media a spinnoff from gugen him partners. he will oversee hollywood reporter and work with dick clark productio
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4